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Clarendon Lectures in Finance 2013: THE ADAPTIVE MARKETS HYPOTHESIS - 12-14 June 2013

Andrew Lo, Harris & Harris Group Professor, MIT Sloan School of Management; Director of the MIT Laboratory for Financial Engineering

Lecture 1: Evolutionary Foundations of Behaviour and Rationality, Wednesday 12 June
Lecture 2: Hedge Funds: The Galapagos Islands of Finance, Thursday 13 June
Lecture 3: Adaptive Markets in Theory and Practice, Friday 14 June

These Clarendon Lectures will review the conflict between the Efficient Markets Hypothesis and behavioural anomalies, and will reconcile the two by applying the principles of evolution to human behaviour and develop implications for investment theory and practice.

All lectures will start at 5.30pm, are open to the public and admission is free.

All Lectures will be held in:
Lecture Theatre 5, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

For more information please contact Michael Burt:

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