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The Locke Board and its publisher, Oxford University Press, aim to place in the public domain critical editions of the complete works of Locke in thirty-seven volumes. The intention is to include all texts published in Locke's name that can securely be attributed to him, together with his correspondence, and a considerable body of his unpublished manuscripts.
The project was inaugurated by Peter Nidditch with the publication of his edition of the Essay Concerning Human Understanding in 1975. By 2012 eighteen volumes have been published, and the remaining nineteen are in active preparation or have been provisionally assigned to prospective editors. No further commissioning of volume editors is currently envisaged.
Each volume is published in hardback and many in paperback, with such electronic publication as OUP may in future undertake for its output in general. All volumes so far published remain available, except for the hardback edition of the Essay.
The Locke Board meets once a year in Oxford. The General Editor is M. A. Stewart. The Associate General Editor is J. R. Milton. The OUP commissioning editor is Peter Momtchiloff. The first General Editor was Peter Nidditch and the second John Yolton.

M. A. Stewart, M. R. Ayers, P. Laslett, G. A. J. Rogers, J. Dunn, J. Milton, J. Tully, R. H. Robbins, and J. Bevan

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