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  • Changing Paradigms in Historical and Systematic Theology

Changing Paradigms in Historical and Systematic Theology RSS

This series sets out to reconsider the modern distinction between historical and systematic theology. The scholarship represented in the series is marked by attention to the way in which historiographic and theological presumptions (paradigms) necessarily inform the work of historians of Christian thought, and thus affect their application to contemporary concerns. At certain key junctures such paradigms are recast, causing a re-consideration of the methods, hermeneutics, geographical boundaries, or chronological caesuras which have previously guided the theological narrative. The beginning of the twenty-first century marks a period of such notable reassessment of the Christian doctrinal heritage, and involves a questioning of the paradigms that have sustained the classic history-of-ideas textbook accounts of the modern era. Each of the volumes in this series brings such contemporary methodological and historiographical concerns to conscious consideration. Each tackles a period or key figure whose s

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