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  • Challenging Concepts

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  • Case-based guides to challenging cases in a variety of specialties, helping trainees to manage complex situations

  • 'Learning points', 'Clinical tips', 'Evidence base', and 'Future advances' boxes highlight critical information, facilitating learning and aiding revision

  • The 'Expert commentary' gives a unique insight into how today's opinion leaders confront and deal with these complex cases

    The series selects specific challenging cases that are encountered in everyday clinical practice but do not have simple answers. Cases examined from a multidisciplinary approach with consideration of diagnostic procedures, practical skills, evidence base, and the application of national and international guidelines. The series brings together the most up-to-date evidence, management strategies, guidelines, and controversies, to provide trainees and specialty registrars with the inside track on how the experts approach and deal with real-world clinical scenarios.

    An effective revision aid

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