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Oxford University Press's Broadway Legacies series aims to introduce both general readers and students to major figures and shows in Broadway theater. Each volume will be short, amply illustrated, and written in a lively, nontechnical manner - serious scholarly books that wear their erudition lightly. Although many volumes will single out composers, the series will also be home to works on a representative sample of masterful lyricists, librettists, directors, and choreographers who also richly deserve consideration commensurate with their popular acclaim and treasured places in our hearts and imaginations. Select volumes will also follow the biography of a musical model, focusing on shows of particular import and enduring legacy.
For the many Broadway greats who have yet to be the subject of a book-length treatment, the series will offer the first serious study of their creative achievements. In the case of more studied figures, the Broadway Legacies series will present pioneering studies

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