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25 years of Blackstone's Statutes
It is a testament to the quality of Blackstone's Statutes that they have stood the test of time since publication of the first title in the series in 1987.
A vital reference tool for students during their studies and also as a resource for use during their exams, Blackstone's Statutes remain the original and best and continue to set the standard by which all other statute books are measured.
Blackstone's Statutes remain the first choice for students and lecturers
Designed specifically for students Blackstone's Statutes lead the market in providing a carefully selected, regularly updated and well sourced collection of legislation for the core subjects and major options offered on a law syllabus.
Reliability - each book is designed as a result of extensive research into the content of law courses; titles are reviewed based on detailed market feedback.
Authority - all editors are subject specialists with a wealth of experience of the legal exam process and of updating statute books.
Currency - publishing the titles in August means legislative material as late as July can be included.
Exam Use - unannotated legislation and no author commentary ensures all titles comply with typical regulations governing what reference materials can be taken into an exam.
Ease of Use - comprehensive tables of contents in both alphabetical and chronological format aid searching. An increased page size aids readability.

Extra materials and online support
As well as resources for the individual titles, the Online Resource Centre now contains the following series resources:

  • Video: a guide to reading and interpreting statutes - Mr Justice Sales, High Court Judge and Member of the Statute Law Society Council provides a guide to reading and interpreting statutes.
  • Exams: How to cope with and use your statutes book in exams - authored by Robert G. Lee, editor of Blackstone's Statutes on Public Law & Human Rights.
  • Guidance on how to use a statute book - authored by Derek French, editor of Blackstone's Statutes on Company Law. Learn how to find your way around a statute.
  • 'Making legislation': videos from the Statute Law Society - links to a series of video interviews providing a unique insight into the process by which legislation is created in the United Kingdom.

    Giving something back
    Oxford University Press are proud to sponsor an essay prize set up by the Statute Law Society in honour of the late chair of the society, Lord Rodger of Earlsferry SJ.

    "The Blackstones Statutes series is the best in the market; each book provides a judicious selection of material for both exams and learning throughout the year." - Dr Kate Harrington, Lecturer in Law, University of Exeter

    "Blackstone's Statutes are my first choice as they are clearly laid out, up to date, and accurate. All the key materials are present and students find them easy to use." - Lindsey Bell, PhD student, University of Bristol

    "Our choice of Blackstone's depends on the series being a 'gold standard' publication. The judicious editorial selection helps students to direct their reading and gain an overview of the subject area." - Alan Durant, Professor of Communication, Middlesex University

    "The layout is clear and easy to follow. In an exam you can find the statute you need quickly and easily and having it with you is a great, practical aid, not only in exams but also in day-to-day study." - Sophie McCrum, Student, Cardiff University

    "I use mine frequently during the year and honestly would not buy any other series. Blackstone's Statutes are just the perfect statute book!" - Marco Filipe Neves da Silva, Student, University of Surrey

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