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No matter how good your research and study skills, the ultimate test for the law student is the exam. In a sea of revision it can be difficult to keep your head above water, but the more preparation you do, the better equipped you will be.

OUP's Questions and Answers series gives you the opportunity to practise exam technique and evaluate and assess your progress. Each book in the series is like a lifeline, offering guidance on exactly what the examiners are looking for.

With advice on how answers should be structured and the key points to convey, the Q&As will benefit even the best-prepared student.

Each Q&A is written by experienced law lecturers and examiners with both undergraduate courses and the GDL in mind. The authors provide suggested answers to up to 50 essay-based and problem-based questions.

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Questions & Answers: Landlord and Tenant 2005-2006

Third Edition


Mark Pawlowski and James Brown

24 February 2005
Blackstone's Law Questions and Answers

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