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A department of the University of Oxford, Oxford University Press (OUP) draws on a prestigious research heritage and a deep understanding of the wants and needs of researchers and academics. As a member of the academic community, we understand and can address the needs of our publishing partners in a way that no profit-driven publisher can.

We have continually grown with technology advances to ensure researchers can access the latest content in the most convenient format. With over 100 years of experience producing authoritative journals, we are constantly evolving our publishing to increase the usage and discoverability of our content.

  • Our journals average three million article downloads per month, with access coming from nearly every country in the world, including the 78 countries in which we have agreements with library consortia.
  • We embrace new technologies and formats to effectively provide content in intuitive ways for the research and professional community.
  • All of our journals are mobile optimized.

We act inventively and responsibly on behalf of our publishing partners to experiment with different, sustainable open access business models and regularly report on our findings, both to our partners and the wider academic community. We were the first publisher to transition a mature journal to Open Access. Today, over 100 journals use our optional Open Access model, and we have nine fully open access journals.


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