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Sheet Music

For sheet-music submissions, please read the advice here.

Contact Responsible For
Sheet Music Editorial Acquiring and preparing new titles for publication and updating titles from the back catalogue. Read our advice on submissions.
Music Hire Catalogue Enquiries concerning the hire (rental) of music from OUP’s catalogue.
Sheet Music Marketing Enquiries about collaborative marketing opportunities or advertising, as well as requesting music to review in your publication.
Sheet Music Orders General enquiries about ordering music.
Music Repertoire Promotion Enquiries about commissioning composers, programme planning, and specific repertoire queries.
Music Rights and Permissions Information about how to obtain licenses to perform, record, arrange, make copies of, or otherwise use the music published by OUP. Please first visit our music rights page. For any further questions, use the contact form.
General sheet music enquiries General enquiries about Oxford University Press sheet music not covered elsewhere.