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International Sales

Contact Job Title Responsible For
Bashar Adib Regional Manager Print: Middle East, North Africa and Turkey
Online: Middle East and Africa
Simon Hedley Regional Sales Manager Print: sub-Saharan Africa
Won Jung Product Executive Korea
Kirin Qi Regional Account Manager Print, Online Resources, and Journals: Taiwan
Online Resources and Journals Only: Hong Kong, Macau, and Mainland China
Kaushik Ghosh Associate Director Online Products and Journals: South and South East Asia
Print Books: Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam & Myanmar
Masatoshi Shimada Key Account Consultant Japan
Lais Botti Account Manager and Product Trainer Online Products, Journals, and Product Trainer: Brazil.
Paulina Medel Regional Manager, Latin America accounts Online Products and Journals: South America, excluding Brazil and Ecuador
Citlali Trevino Account Manager and Latin America Product Trainer Online Products and Journals: Costa Rica, Ecuador, Jamaica, Mexico (public institutions), Puerto Rico.
Product Training: Latin America
Eduardo Quintanar Account Manager and Latin America Product Trainer Private institutions, online products and journals: Mexico.
Online products and journals, product trainer: Central American countries excluding Costa Rica, Ecuador, Jamaca and Puerto Rico.
Brian Hughes Associate Director Print: Latin America & Caribbean.