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Find a Library Sales Representative

Contact Job Title Responsible For
Simon White Head of Library Sales ANZ, UK & Europe
Graham Grant Head of Library Sales Asia, Middle East & Africa

Australia & NZ Library Sales Representatives

Contact Job Title Responsible For
Andrea Gilbey Library Sales Manager Australia and New Zealand Also sales manager for Victoria, Tasmania, and New Zealand universities
Judy Reeves Regional Sales Executive Non-Academic (Corporate, Government, and Public libraries in ANZ)
Anthony Teo Regional Sales Manager Academic (NSW, ACT, SA, WA, NT)
Nami Thompson Library Sales & Marketing Support Also sales contact for all schools, Tafes, and colleges in ANZ

UK Library Sales Representatives

Contact Job Title Responsible For
Sally Iannacci Regional Sales Manager UK South Academic Libraries
Stuart Johnson Police Sales Manager UK & Ireland
Antonida Kocharova Library Sales Consultant UK Corporate Law and Government
Colin Pearson Library Sales Executive UK West, NI, Wales & Ireland
Francois Blouin-Clatot Library Sales Executive UK East & Scotland Academic Libraries
Ged Welford UK Non-Academic Consortia Manager UK & Ireland National & Public Libraries, Museums, and Not For Profit Organisations
Kevin Cerboni Regional Sales Manager UK Medical

Europe Library Sales Representatives

Contact Job Title Responsible For
Elisabeth Kukla Regional Manager, Northern and Central Europe
Hannah Clark Library Sales Manager
Jennifer Brothwell Regional Sales Manager Nordics
Jonas Hallstrom Library Consultant Nordics
Julita Madzio Regional Sales Manager Eastern Europe
Tracy James Regional Sales Manager Benelux
Georg Reimer Library Consultant Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Corporate
Wolfgang Steinmetz Library Consultant Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
Marcin Dembowski Regional Sales Manager Russia and ex-CIS
Victoria Lopez Regional Sales Manager Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Andorra, Turkey
Kate Dennis Regional Sales Manager Cyprus and Greece

Asia Pacific Library Sales Representatives

Contact Job Title Responsible For
Miki Matoba Director, Japan and Korea Japan and Korea
Tomoyuki Suzuki Senior Library Consultant Japan
Kazunori Oike Library Consultant Japan
Yoshinori Hayakawa Library Consultant Japan
Won Jung Library Account Liaison Manager Korea
Calvin Ren Regional Account Executive Mainland China
Mingzhu Li Account Manager Mainland China
Wenbo Zhang Account Manager Mainland China
Mike Zhang Regional Account Manager Mainland China, Hong Kong & Macao
James Pan Regional Account Director, East Asia East Asia
David Huang Regional Account Manager Mainland China
Rain Zhang Account Manager Mainland China
Andy Chuang Account Executive Taiwan
Samuel Sun Account Executive Mainland China
Colin Yang Account Executive Mainland China

Africa, Middle East & South Asia Library Sales Representatives

Contact Job Title Responsible For
Sameer Jangam Regional Account Executive West India
Joyanta Guha Regional Account Manager East India, South India & Bangladesh
Vinay Sood Regional Account Manager West India, North India & Pakistan
Kaushik Ghosh General Manager South Asia & South East Asia
Bashar Adib Regional Sales Manager
Serena Yap Regional Account Executive South East Asia


Contact Job Title Responsible For
Mark Turner Training Manager Managing the training team
Diala Chouaib Internal Training Manager Product and system training for the global sales teams
Sumita Sen Regional Training Executive Customer training in India & SE Asia
Chen Zhou Product Consultant Customer training in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea & Japan
Marzena Giers-Fidler Trainer Customer training in Eastern and Central Europe
Jonathan Wakeford Trainer Customer training in UK, Ireland, Northern Europe, Turkey & Spain
Ahmad Inchassi Regional Training Manager Customer training in Middle East and Africa


Contact Job Title Responsible For
Rachel Rains Electronic Publishing Customer Services Executive