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Cover for 9780191821059

Arguments about Abortion

Personhood, Morality, and Law

Kate Greasley

Online Resource

Cover for 9780190918446

Common Enemies

Disease Campaigns in America

Rachel Kahn Best

Online Resource

Cover for 9780197553862

Covid-19 in Asia

Law and Policy Contexts

Victor V. Ramraj

Online Resource

Cover for 9780190492816

Critical Epidemiology and the People's Health

Jaime Breilh and Nancy Krieger

Online Resource
Small Books Big Ideas in Population Health

Cover for 9780190247492

Death and Nonexistence

Palle Yourgrau

Online Resource

Cover for 9780197528334

Foundations of Global Health & Human Rights

Lawrence O. Gostin and Benjamin Mason Meier

Online Resource

Cover for 9780197550762

Genomic Politics

How the Revolution in Genomic Science Is Shaping American Society

Jennifer Hochschild

Online Resource

Cover for 9780190937911

Healthy Eating Policy and Political Philosophy

A Public Reason Approach

Anne Barnhill and Matteo Bonotti

Online Resource

Cover for 9780190210656


The Obesity Crisis in Cultural Context

Helene A. Shugart

Online Resource

Cover for 9780190672713

Human Rights in Global Health

Rights-Based Governance for a Globalizing World

Benjamin Mason Meier, Lawrence O. Gostin, and Mary Robinson

Online Resource

Cover for 9780197637593

Me vs. Us

A Health Divided

Michael D. Stein

Online Resource

Cover for 9780190604394

More than Meets the Eye

What Blindness Brings to Art

Georgina Kleege

Online Resource

Cover for 9780199371716

Music for Life

Music Participation and Quality of Life of Senior Citizens

C. Victor Fung and Lisa J. Lehmberg

Online Resource

Cover for 9780197510414


Uncomfortable Conversations about the Public's Health

First Edition

Michael Stein and Sandro Galea

Online Resource

Cover for 9780190683795

Pandemics, Publics, and Narrative

Mark Davis and Davina Lohm

Online Resource
Explorations in Narrative Psychology

Cover for 9780197555835

Paradigms Lost, Paradigms Found

Lessons Learned in the Fight Against the Stigma of Mental Illness

Second Edition

Heather Stuart and Norman Sartorius

Online Resource

Cover for 9780190205522

Patients with Passports

Medical Tourism, Law, and Ethics

I. Glenn Cohen

Online Resource

Cover for 9780190603854

Prisons and Health in the Age of Mass Incarceration

Jason Schnittker, Michael Massoglia, and Christopher Uggen

Online Resource
Studies in Crime and Public Policy

Cover for 9780197507933

Redistributing the Poor

Jails, Hospitals, and the Crisis of Law and Fiscal Austerity

Armando Lara-Millán

Online Resource

Cover for 9780190635169

Replacing the Dead

The Politics of Reproduction in the Postwar Soviet Union

Mie Nakachi

Online Resource

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