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Cover for 14682621

African Affairs

Nic Cheeseman and Lindsay Whitfield

Print ISSN: 0001-9909 | Online ISSN: 1468-2621

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International Relations of the Asia-Pacific

Takuya Sasaki and G. John Ikenberry

Print ISSN: 1470-482X | Online ISSN: 1470-4838

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Journal of Refugee Studies

Khalid Koser

Print ISSN: 0951-6328 | Online ISSN: 1471-6925

Cover for 20495846

Migration Studies

Alan Gamlen

Print ISSN: 2049-5838 | Online ISSN: 2049-5846

Cover for 9780199799701

Oxford Bibliographies

Your Best Research Starts Here

Online Resource

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Refugee Survey Quarterly

Vincent Chetail

Print ISSN: 1020-4067 | Online ISSN: 1471-695X

Cover for 9780191785610

SIPRI Yearbook Online

Timely and insightful analysis and commentary on global security events

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

Online Resource

Cover for 17508924

The Chinese Journal of International Politics

Yan Xuetong

Print ISSN: 1750-8916 | Online ISSN: 1750-8924

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