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Trade & Economics – Virtual Issue

While humans have engaged in trade since the earliest times, the importance of international trade has grown dramatically due to improvements in transportation and communication. International trade affects people on a daily basis, from the food people eat to the clothes they wear. Whether the effects have been positive, including increasing wealth and welfare, or negative, such as increasing unemployment and inequality, is hotly debated.  International trade is very much in the public eye given disputes among major countries about adherence to rules, fairness, and sharing the benefits.

The works included below reflect the breadth and depth of Oxford University Press’ publishing program. A small example to encourage the reader to explore more: Original research findings in journal publications provide insight into the influence of international trade on developing countries, firms, workers, and the environment. Excerpts from the online book programs examine the role of public opinion in the United States and the role of exports from Africa. Survey articles in Oxford Handbooks and Oxford Research Encyclopedias look at Brazil’s trade policies and the relationship between trade and health. And please take a look at books that explore a range of topics, including kidnapping and how free trade benefits developing countries.