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Migration & Economics – Virtual Issue

Migration between different continents, nations, and territories has existed for millennia. The movement of people between various borders has a major impact on economies, and economies in turn affect migration around the world. In recent years, migration has become a hotly debated topic in the US and EU, in part due to the influx of migrants seeking entry into these nations coupled with rapidly aging home populations.

The collection featured here explores migration around the world, showcasing the breadth and depth of Oxford University Press’ publishing program. The research featured in this collection includes journal articles providing an insight into the influence of taxation and climate change on migration, as well as the influence of migration on education systems and economic networks. Articles from our online products explore, among other topics, the relationship between migration and the labor market, and the comparative advantage of foreign-born workers across US occupations. Finally, our books span a range of research areas, including universal provision and the state of the Tunisian labour market in an era of transition.