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Celebrating D. W. Winnicott

The Work and Writing of D. W. Winnicott

Join us in celebration of the work and writing of D. W. Winnicott. Donald Woods Winnicott (1896-1971) was one of the most innovative and humane thinkers in psychoanalysis and child development, renowned for his work with children and parents.

Every month, explore new reflections on Winnicott. We'll have freshly-commissioned video interviews with leading psychoanalysts, images, timelines, and podcasts, as well as special previews of Winnicott's papers, letters, and other writings from The Collected Works of D. W. Winnicott.

This September, read the winning entries of the Oxford University Press Winnicott Essay Competition. Congratulations to Joseph Aguayo and Maia Kirchkheli—take a look at their excellent work below.