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Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology

Gregory Lee

Print ISSN: 0887-6177 | Online ISSN: 1873-5843

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Discovering Human Sexuality, Fourth Edition

Fourth Edition


Simon LeVay, Janice Baldwin, and John Baldwin

28 February 2018

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Innovation in Aging

An Open Access Journal of The Gerontological Society of America

Laura Sands PhD

Print ISSN: | Online ISSN: 2399-5300

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Journal of Consumer Research

J. Jeffrey Inman, Margaret C. Campbell, Amna Kirmani...

Print ISSN: 0093-5301 | Online ISSN: 1537-5277

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Journal of Music Therapy

Sheri L. Robb

Print ISSN: 0022-2917 | Online ISSN: 2053-7395

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Journal of Pediatric Psychology

Tonya M. Palermo, PhD

Print ISSN: 0146-8693 | Online ISSN: 1465-735X

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Music Therapy Perspectives

Anthony Meadows

Print ISSN: 0734-6875 | Online ISSN: 2053-7387

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Sensation & Perception

Fifth Edition


Jeremy M. Wolfe, Keith R. Kluender, Dennis M. Levi...

14 November 2017

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The Gerontologist

Suzanne Meeks

Print ISSN: 0016-9013 | Online ISSN: 1758-5341

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The Journals of Gerontology, Series B

Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences

Derek M. Isaacowitz, PhD, FGSA and Deborah S. Carr, PHD

Print ISSN: 1079-5014 | Online ISSN: 1758-5368

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