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Cover for 14684004

Astronomy & Geophysics

Sue Bowler

Print ISSN: 1366-8781 | Online ISSN: 1468-4004

Cover for 14692120

Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society

David Evans and Shaun Stevens

Print ISSN: 0024-6093 | Online ISSN: 1469-2120

Cover for 9780198310358

Complete Physics for Cambridge IGCSERG Online Student Book (Third edition)


Stephen Pople

Study Card
30 October 2014

Cover for 20596987

Dynamics and Statistics of the Climate System

An Interdisciplinary Journal

Hazel Biggs

Print ISSN: | Online ISSN: 2059-6987

Cover for 9780198355229

Essential Physics for Cambridge IGCSERG

Online Student Book

Second Edition


Jim Breithaupt, Viv Newman, and Lawrie Ryan

Study Card
02 April 2015
CIE IGCSE Essential Series

Cover for 9780198307730

IB Physics Online Course Book: 2014 edition

Oxford IB Diploma Program


Michael Bowen-Jones and David Homer

Study Card
01 August 2014
IB Diploma Program

Cover for 17579708

Integrative Biology

Doug Lauffenburger

Print ISSN: | Online ISSN: 1757-9708

Cover for 20585985

Journal of Integrable Systems

Alexander Mikhailov and Frank Nijhoff

Print ISSN: | Online ISSN: 2058-5985

Cover for 20585543

Journal of Urban Ecology

Mark McDonnell

Print ISSN: | Online ISSN: 2058-5543

Cover for 13652966

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

D. R. Flower

Print ISSN: 0035-8711 | Online ISSN: 1365-2966

Cover for 17453933

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters

D. R. Flower

Print ISSN: | Online ISSN: 1745-3933

Cover for 9780198375562

MYP Physics: a Concept Based Approach


Study Card
30 July 2018

Cover for 9780190699420

Oxford Handbooks Online: Physical Sciences

Scholarly Research Reviews

Online Resource

Cover for 9780190871994

Oxford Research Encyclopedias: Physics

A Community of Scholars

Brian Foster

Online Resource

Cover for 9780199272334

Oxford Scholarship Online

Online Resource

Cover for 9780199543847

Oxford Scholarship Online - Physics

Online Resource

Cover for 20503911

Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics

Tamiaki Yoneya

Print ISSN: | Online ISSN: 2050-3911

Cover for 2053051X

Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan

K. Shimasaku

Print ISSN: 0004-6264 | Online ISSN: 2053-051X

Cover for 14643855

The Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics

P W Duck, P A Martin, and N Movchan

Print ISSN: 0033-5614 | Online ISSN: 1464-3855

Cover for 20524986

Transactions of the London Mathematical Society

Keith Ball

Print ISSN: | Online ISSN: 2052-4986

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