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Cover for 16871197

Applied Mathematics Research eXpress

Claude Le Bris

Print ISSN: 1687-1200 | Online ISSN: 1687-1197

Cover for 14643510


A C Davison

Print ISSN: 0006-3444 | Online ISSN: 1464-3510

Cover for 14684357


Geert Molenberghs and Anastasios Tsiatis

Print ISSN: 1465-4644 | Online ISSN: 1468-4357

Cover for 14692120

Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society

David Evans and Shaun Stevens

Print ISSN: 0024-6093 | Online ISSN: 1469-2120

Cover for 14643634

IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics

David J. Needham, Alan Champneys, Demetrios T. Papageorgiou...

Print ISSN: 0272-4960 | Online ISSN: 1464-3634

Cover for 14716798

IMA Journal of Management Mathematics

Rogemar S Mamon, P Scarf, and Aris A Syntetos

Print ISSN: 1471-678X | Online ISSN: 1471-6798

Cover for 14716887

IMA Journal of Mathematical Control and Information

N Karcanias and S Spurgeon

Print ISSN: 0265-0754 | Online ISSN: 1471-6887

Cover for 14643642

IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis

A Iserles and E. Suli

Print ISSN: 0272-4979 | Online ISSN: 1464-3642

Cover for 20498772

Information and Inference: A Journal of the IMA

Robert Calderbank, David L. Donoho, John Shawe-Taylor...

Print ISSN: 2049-8764 | Online ISSN: 2049-8772

Cover for 16870247

International Mathematics Research Notices

Peter Sarnak

Print ISSN: 1073-7928 | Online ISSN: 1687-0247

Cover for 14798417

Journal of Financial Econometrics

Eric Ghysels

Print ISSN: 1479-8409 | Online ISSN: 1479-8417

Cover for 1465363X

Journal of Logic and Computation

D M Gabbay

Print ISSN: 0955-792X | Online ISSN: 1465-363X

Cover for 14697750

Journal of the London Mathematical Society

Charles J.K. Batty and Marc Lackenby

Print ISSN: 0024-6107 | Online ISSN: 1469-7750

Cover for 17538424

Journal of Topology

Ulrike Tillmann

Print ISSN: 1753-8416 | Online ISSN: 1753-8424

Cover for 1470840X

Law, Probability and Risk

J. Gastwirth

Print ISSN: 1470-8396 | Online ISSN: 1470-840X

Cover for 13689894

Logic Journal of the IGPL

Dov Gabbay

Print ISSN: 1367-0751 | Online ISSN: 1368-9894

Cover for 14778602

Mathematical Medicine and Biology: A Journal of the IMA

Oliver E. Jensen, John R. King, and James P. Keener

Print ISSN: 1477-8599 | Online ISSN: 1477-8602

Cover for 14602113


Thomas Baldwin

Print ISSN: 0026-4423 | Online ISSN: 1460-2113

Cover for 17446406

Philosophia Mathematica

Robert S. D. Thomas

Print ISSN: 0031-8019 | Online ISSN: 1744-6406

Cover for 1460244X

Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society

Iain G. Gordon and James Wright

Print ISSN: 0024-6115 | Online ISSN: 1460-244X

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