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50 Studies Every Surgeon Should Know


SreyRam Kuy, Rachel J. Kwon, Miguel A. Burch...

27 October 2017
Fifty Studies Every Doctor Should Know

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Aesthetic Surgery Journal

Foad Nahai

Print ISSN: 1090-820X | Online ISSN: 1527-330X

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European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery

Friedhelm Beyersdorf

Print ISSN: 1010-7940 | Online ISSN: 1873-734X

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Fiber Pathways of the Brain


Jeremy Schmahmann and Deepak Pandya

11 February 2009

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Interactive CardioVascular and Thoracic Surgery

Matthias Siepe

Print ISSN: 1569-9293 | Online ISSN: 1569-9285

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Journal of Hip Preservation Surgery

Richard Villar

Print ISSN: | Online ISSN: 2054-8397

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Journal of Surgical Case Reports

Derek Alderson

Print ISSN: | Online ISSN: 2042-8812

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Multimedia Manual of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery

Roberto Lorusso and René Prêtre

Print ISSN: | Online ISSN: 1813-9175

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Neuro-Oncology Practice

Susan Chang

Print ISSN: 2054-2577 | Online ISSN: 2054-2585

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The Register of the Neurosurgical Meme

Dr. Nelson Oyesiku

Print ISSN: 0148-396X | Online ISSN: 1524-4040

Cover for 23324260

Operative Neurosurgery

The Surgeon's Armamentarium

Nelson Oyesiku

Print ISSN: 2332-4252 | Online ISSN: 2332-4260

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Raising the Dead

Organ Transplants, Ethics, and Society


Ronald Munson

14 October 2004

Cover for 9780195321098

The Ethics of Surgical Practice

Cases, Dilemmas, and Resolutions


James W. Jones, Laurence B. McCullough, and Bruce W. Richman

23 June 2008

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