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American Pandemic

The Lost Worlds of the 1918 Influenza Epidemic


Nancy Bristow

01 January 2017

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Bioscience - Lost in Translation?

How precision medicine closes the innovation gap


Richard Barker

15 November 2016

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Cost-Effectiveness in Health and Medicine

Second Edition


Peter J. Neumann, Gillian D. Sanders, Louise B. Russell...

01 November 2016

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Exercises in Epidemiology

Applying Principles and Methods

Second Edition


Noel S. Weiss

09 November 2016

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Food and Nutrition Economics

Fundamentals for Health Sciences

George C. Davis and Elena L. Serrano

Online Resource
Food and Public Health

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HIV/AIDS: A Very Short Introduction

Second Edition

Alan Whiteside

Online Resource
Very Short Introductions

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Mayo Clinic Preventive Medicine and Public Health Board Review

Prathibha Varkey, MD, MPH, MHPE

Online Resource

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Out in the Rural

A Mississippi Health Center and Its War on Poverty


Thomas J. Ward Jr. and H. Jack Geiger

02 December 2016

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Oxford Bibliographies

Expert Recommendations. Instant Access.

Online Resource

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Oxford Research Encyclopedias: Global Public Health

A Community of Experts

David McQueen

Online Resource

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Oxford Scholarship Online

Online Resource

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Oxford Scholarship Online - Public Health and Epidemiology

Online Resource

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Oxford Textbook of Global Public Health

Roger Detels, Martin Gulliford, Quarraisha Abdool Karim...

Online Resource

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Oxford Textbook of Zoonoses

S.R. Palmer, Lord Soulsby, Paul Torgerson...

Online Resource

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Prevention Diaries

The Practice and Pursuit of Health for All


Larry Cohen

01 December 2016

Cover for 9780199366521

The Oxford Handbook of U.S. Health Law


I. Glenn Cohen, Allison Hoffman, William M. Sage...

16 December 2016
Oxford Handbooks

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University Press Scholarship Online - Public Health and Epidemiology

Online Resource

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