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Autism Spectrum Disorder

Christopher McDougle

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Primer On

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Body Image Care for Cancer Patients

Principles and Practice

Michelle Cororve Fingeret and Irene Teo

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Ethical Considerations at the Intersection of Psychiatry and Religion

John Peteet, Mary Lynn Dell, and Wai Lun Alan Fung

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Georges Gilles de la Tourette

Beyond the Eponym

Olivier Walusinski

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Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care

Robert Feinstein, Joseph Connelly, and Marilyn Feinstein

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Integrative Addiction and Recovery

Shahla Modir and George Munoz

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Weil Integrative Medicine Library

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Neurobiology of Addictions

Alan C. Swann, F. Gerard Moeller, and Marijn Lijffijt

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Neurobiology of PTSD: From Brain to Mind

Israel Liberzon and Kerry Ressler

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Neuroscience at the Intersection of Mind and Brain

Jack M. Gorman

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New Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry

John R. Geddes, Nancy C. Andreasen, and Guy M. Goodwin

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Oxford Textbooks Series

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Oxford Textbook of Community Mental Health

Graham Thornicroft, George Szmukler, Kim T. Mueser...

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Oxford Textbooks in Psychiatry

Cover for 9780190224059

Oxford Textbook of Correctional Psychiatry

Robert Trestman, Kenneth Appelbaum, and Jeffrey Metzner

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Oxford Textbooks in Psychiatry

Cover for 9780191780424

Oxford Textbook of Old Age Psychiatry 2e

Tom Dening and alan Thomas

Online Resource
Oxford Textbooks in Psychiatry

Cover for 9780191780547

Oxford Textbook of Suicidology and Suicide Prevention: A Global Perspective

Danuta Wasserman and Camilla Wasserman

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Oxford Textbooks in Psychiatry

Cover for 9780191780530

Oxford Textbook of Women and Mental Health

Dora Kohen

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Oxford Textbooks in Psychiatry

Cover for 9780199382965

Psychiatric Care of the Medical Patient

Third Edition

Barry S. Fogel and Donna B. Greenberg

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Third Edition

Janis Cutler

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Cover for 9780199965335

Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience

Charles Zorumski and Eugene Rubin

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Cover for 9780199975280

Psycho-Oncology 3rd edition

Jimmie C. Holland, M.D et al.

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Cover for 9780190636401

Psychosocial Care of Cancer Survivors

A Clinician's Guide and Workbook for Providing Wholehearted Care

Cheryl Krauter

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