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50 Studies Every Pediatrician Should Know


Ashaunta T. Anderson, Nina L. Shapiro, Stephen C. Aronoff, Jeremiah Davis, Michael Levy, Michael E. Hochman

23 June 2016
Fifty Studies Every Doctor Should Know

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Manual of Childhood Infections

The Blue Book

Fourth Edition


Mike Sharland, Karina Butler, Andrew Cant, Ron Dagan, Graham Davies, Ronald de Groot, David Elliman, Susanna Esposito, Adam Finn, Manolis Galanakis, Carlo Giaquinto, Jim Gray, Paul Heath, Terho Heikkinen, Ulrich Heininger, Philipp Henneke, Irja Lutsar, Hermione Lyall, Federico Martinon Torres, Andrew Pollard, Mary Ramsay, Andrew Riordan, Fernanda Rodrigues, Emmanuel Roilides, Pablo Rojo, Delane Shingadia, Steve Tomlin, Maria Tsolia

07 April 2016
Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Paediatrics

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Pediatric Neurology

Second Edition


Gregory L. Holmes, Peter M. Bingham

26 May 2016
What Do I Do Now

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