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The Oxford Student Room is Oxford University Press' central home for UK medical students and trainees to find the resources they need for each stage of their training. Whether you are just starting your medical degree or are revising for your final specialty exams, our titles will become your trusted companions in helping you find clear, concise, and quick access information in all medical situations you'll find yourself in.

Most importantly, we will be sharing curated articles, quizzes, top tips and more from our authors and medical trainees to enrich your learning and to provide peer-led guidance on every aspect of the experience that is medical training. The Oxford Student Room is for students, by students.

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Learning preclinical medicine

From dissection to problem-based learning cases, your preclinical years will be rich in learning the science behind medicine. Discover teaching formats, areas of science to learn and the systems-based approach in our latest article, Learning preclinical medicine.

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