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The science of thought control


Kathleen Taylor

23 April 2017

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Cajal and de Castro's Neurohistological Methods

Miguel A Merchán, Javier De Felipe, and Fernando de Castro

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Homeostatic Control of Brain Function

Detlev Boison and Susan A Masino

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Medical Neurobiology

Second Edition


Peggy Mason

15 March 2017

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Medical Neurobiology

Peggy Mason, PhD

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Nerve Repair

Thomas M. Brushart

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Oxford Handbooks Online: Neuroscience

Scholarly Research Reviews

Gordon M. Shepherd

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Oxford Scholarship Online

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Oxford Scholarship Online - Neuroscience

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Oxford Textbook of Neurorehabilitation

Volker Dietz and Nick Ward

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Sex, Lies, and Brain Scans

What is really going on inside our heads?


Barbara J. Sahakian and Julia Gottwald

19 March 2017

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The Dreams of Santiago Ramón y Cajal

Benjamin Ehrlich

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