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50 Studies Every Neurologist Should Know


David Y. Hwang, David M. Greer, and Michael E. Hochman

11 May 2016
Fifty Studies Every Doctor Should Know

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Adult Neurogenesis

Gerd Kempermann, MD

Online Resource

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Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance


Karen Bush and Lynn L. Silver

30 June 2016

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Arrhythmias in Women

Diagnosis and Management

Yong-Mei Cha, Margaret A. Lloyd, and Ulrika M. Birgersdotter-Green

Online Resource
Mayo Clinic Scientific Press

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Atlas of X-Linked Intellectual Disability Syndromes

Second Edition

Roger E. Stevenson, Charles E. Schwartz, and R. Curtis Rogers

Online Resource

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Autonomic Failure

Fifth Edition

Christopher J. Mathias and Roger Bannister

Online Resource

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Best of Five MCQs for the Acute Medicine SCE


Nigel Lane, Louise Powter, and Samir Patel

10 May 2016
Oxford Higher Specialty Training

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Brain's Diseases of the Nervous System

Michael Donaghy

Online Resource

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Chromosome Abnormalities and Genetic Counseling

Fourth Edition

R.J.M Gardner, Grant R Sutherland, and Lisa G. Shaffer

Online Resource
Oxford Monographs on Medical Genetics

Cover for 9780191780394

Clinical Cardiology: Current Practice Guidelines

Demosthenes Katritsis, A. John Camm, and Bernard J. Gersh

Online Resource

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Clinical Immunology

Second Edition


Angela Hall and Christopher Baldwin

10 May 2016
Fundamentals of Biomedical Science

Cover for 9780190259631

Clinical Neurophysiology

Fourth Edition


Devon Rubin and Jasper Daube

28 April 2016
Contemporary Neurology Series

Cover for 9780199975297

Common Malformations

Lewis B. Holmes

Online Resource

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Homeostatic Control of Brain Function

Detlev Boison and Susan A Masino

Online Resource

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Infections in the Immunosuppressed Patient

An Illustrated Case-Based Approach

Pranatharthi H. Chandrasekar

Online Resource

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Infectious Disease Epidemiology


Ibrahim Abubakar, Helen Stagg, Theodore Cohen...

07 June 2016

Cover for 9780199361953

Instant Neurological Diagnosis

A Companion to Neurobowl®


Christopher H. Hawkes, Kapil D Sethi, and Thomas R. Swift

26 April 2016

Cover for 9780190467197

Introduction to Clinical Neurology

Fifth edition


Douglas J. Gelb

10 May 2016

Cover for 9780190467234

Introduction to Clinical Neurology

Fifth edition

Douglas J. Gelb

Online Resource

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Manual of Childhood Infection

The Blue Book


Mike Sharland

14 June 2016
Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Paediatrics

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