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Cover for 1527330X

Aesthetic Surgery Journal

Foad Nahai

Print ISSN: 1090-820X | Online ISSN: 1527-330X

Cover for 14682834

Age and Ageing

David Stott

Print ISSN: 0002-0729 | Online ISSN: 1468-2834

Cover for 19417225

American Journal of Hypertension

Ernesto L. Schiffrin

Print ISSN: 0895-7061 | Online ISSN: 1941-7225

Cover for 15698041

Annals of Oncology

Jean-Charles Soria

Print ISSN: 0923-7534 | Online ISSN: 1569-8041

Cover for 9780199389421

Arrhythmias in Women

Yong-Mei Cha Cha, Margaret A. Lloyd, . Ulrika M. Birgersdotter-Green


Cover for 9780191780585

Autonomic Failure

Christopher J. Mathias, Roger Bannister


Cover for 14602156


Dimitri M. Kullmann

Print ISSN: 0006-8950 | Online ISSN: 1460-2156

Cover for 9780191780523

Brain's Diseases of the Nervous System

Michael Donaghy


Cover for 17553245

Cardiovascular Research

R. Karin Sipido

Print ISSN: 0008-6363 | Online ISSN: 1755-3245

Cover for 9780191780394

Clinical Cardiology: Current Practice Guidelines

Demosthenes Katritsis, A. John Camm, Bernard J. Gersh


Cover for 15376591

Clinical Infectious Diseases

Robert T. Schooley, M.D.

Print ISSN: 1058-4838 | Online ISSN: 1537-6591

Cover for 17530792

Clinical Kidney Journal

A. Ortiz

Print ISSN: 1753-0784 | Online ISSN: 1753-0792

Cover for 14422050

Diseases of the Esophagus

Giovanni Zaninotto, Neil Gupta

Print ISSN: 1120-8694 | Online ISSN: 1442-2050

Cover for 15322092

EP Europace

A. Gerhard Hindricks

Print ISSN: 1099-5129 | Online ISSN: 1532-2092

Cover for 9780191817007

ESC Textbook of Vascular Biology

Rob Krams, Magnus Bäck

The European Society of Cardiology

Cover for 15229645

European Heart Journal

Thomas F. Luscher

Print ISSN: 0195-668x | Online ISSN: 1522-9645

Cover for 20472412

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging

G. Maurer

Print ISSN: 2047-2404 | Online ISSN: 2047-2412

Cover for 20556845

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy

Stefan Agewall, Dan Atar, Keld Kjeldsen, Basil Lewis

Print ISSN: 2055-6837 | Online ISSN: 2055-6845

Cover for 20581742

European Heart Journal - Quality of Care and Clinical Outcomes

Adam Timmis

Print ISSN: 2058-5225 | Online ISSN: 2058-1742

Cover for 15542815

European Heart Journal Supplements - The Heart of the Matter

Roberto Ferrari, Francisco Fernandez-Aviles, Jeroen Bax, Michael Bohm, Frank Ruschitzka, Thomas F. Luscher

Print ISSN: 1520-765X | Online ISSN: 1554-2815

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