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Cover for 9780198788454

A Dictionary of Nursing

Seventh Edition


Elizabeth A. Martin

18 July 2017

Cover for 9780199965267

Adult Neurogenesis

Gerd Kempermann, MD

Online Resource

Cover for 9780198779803

Alzheimer's Disease

Second Edition


Gunhild Waldemar and Alistair Burns

30 May 2017
Oxford Neurology Library

Cover for 9780195382846

AMA Manual of Style

Online Resource

Cover for 9780198791188

An Introduction to Population-level Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases


Mike Rayner, Kremlin Wickramasinghe, Julianne Williams...

02 May 2017

Cover for 9780199389421

Arrhythmias in Women

Yong-Mei Cha Cha, Margaret A. Lloyd, and . Ulrika M. Birgersdotter-Green

Online Resource
Mayo Clinic Scientific Press

Cover for 9780198792079

Arts in Health

Designing and researching interventions


Daisy Fancourt

25 July 2017

Cover for 9780199975372

Atlas of X-Linked Intellectual Disability Syndromes

Second Edition

Roger E. Stevenson, Charles E. Schwartz, and R. Curtis Rogers

Online Resource

Cover for 9780190236298

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Christopher McDougle

Online Resource
Primer On

Cover for 9780191780585

Autonomic Failure

Fifth Edition

Christopher J. Mathias and Roger Bannister

Online Resource

Cover for 9780190662493

Brain Death

Third Edition


Eelco F.M. Wijdicks

13 June 2017

Cover for 9780191780523

Brain's Diseases of the Nervous System

Michael Donaghy

Online Resource

Cover for 9780190221638

Cajal and de Castro's Neurohistological Methods

Miguel A Merchán, Javier De Felipe, and Fernando de Castro

Online Resource

Cover for 9780190277000

Case Studies in Pharmacy Ethics

Third Edition

Third Edition


Robert M. Veatch, Amy Haddad, and E.J. Last

17 July 2017

Cover for 9780190628611

CDC Yellow Book 2018: Health Information for International Travel


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC and Gary W. Brunette

15 May 2017

Cover for 9780199975303

Chromosome Abnormalities and Genetic Counseling

Fourth Edition

R.J.M Gardner, Grant R Sutherland, and Lisa G. Shaffer

Online Resource
Oxford Monographs on Medical Genetics

Cover for 9780191780394

Clinical Cardiology: Current Practice Guidelines

Demosthenes Katritsis, A. John Camm, and Bernard J. Gersh

Online Resource

Cover for 9780199975297

Common Malformations

Lewis B. Holmes

Online Resource

Cover for 9780199475186

Complications after Gastrointestinal Surgery


Samiran Nundy and Dirk J. Gouma

08 July 2017

Cover for 9780199392742

Comprehensive Textbook of AIDS Psychiatry

A Paradigm for Integrated Care

Second Edition


Mary Ann Cohen, Jack M. Gorman, Scott L. Letendre...

14 June 2017

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