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  • ESC CardioMed

    ESC CardioMed

    Discover ESC CardioMed, an innovative digital resource providing authoritative treatments of all topics within cardiology.

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  • The Oxford Student Room

    The Oxford Student Room

    Discover OUP's central home for UK medical students and trainees to find the resources they need for each stage of their training.

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  • Neurology


    Browse our broad range of neurology titles on seizures, neurological diseases, and the brain's supercharger, myelin.

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  • Emergency Medicine

    Emergency Medicine

    Brush up on the latest in emergency medicine with our handbooks, manuals, and more.

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  • Oxford Medical Handbooks

    Oxford Medical Handbooks

    Discover our market-leading series of pocket handbooks, used in every hospital and GP surgery across the UK and known throughout the world.

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