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Annual Review of United Nations Affairs 2011/2012

Volumes I - VI


Joachim Muller, Karl P. Sauvant, Lord Mark Malloch Brown KCMG

26 March 2013
Annual Review of United Nations Affairs 1961-2004

Cover for 20449437

British Yearbook of International Law

Eyal Benvenisti, Catherine Redgwell

Print ISSN: 0068-2691 | Online ISSN: 2044-9437

Cover for 17469937

Chinese Journal of International Law

Sienho Yee

Print ISSN: 1540-1650 | Online ISSN: 1746-9937

Cover for 14643596

European Journal of International Law

Joseph Weiler

Print ISSN: 0938-5428 | Online ISSN: 1464-3596

Cover for 20491999

ICSID Review - Foreign Investment Law Journal

Meg Kinnear, Campbell McLachlan QC

Print ISSN: 0258-3690 | Online ISSN: 2049-1999

Cover for 9780379002669

International Commercial Arbitration

Eric Bergsten


Cover for 20444001

International Data Privacy Law

Christopher Kuner

Print ISSN: 2044-3994 | Online ISSN: 2044-4001

Cover for 17527724

International Journal of Transitional Justice

Brinton Lykes, Hugo van der Merwe

Print ISSN: 1752-7716 | Online ISSN: 1752-7724

Cover for 14682486

International Studies Review

Amanda Murdie

Print ISSN: 1521-9488 | Online ISSN: 1468-2486

Cover for 9780379006506

Investment Laws of the World

International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID)


Cover for 9780379101621

Investment Promotion and Protection Treaties

International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID)


Cover for 14677962

Journal of Conflict and Security Law

Nigel White, Eric Myjer, Robert Cryer

Print ISSN: 1467-7954 | Online ISSN: 1467-7962

Cover for 17579627

Journal of Human Rights Practice

Paul Gready, Ron Dudai, Richard Carver

Print ISSN: 1757-9619 | Online ISSN: 1757-9627

Cover for 14781395

Journal of International Criminal Justice

Salvatore Zappalà

Print ISSN: 1478-1387 | Online ISSN: 1478-1395

Cover for 20403593

Journal of International Dispute Settlement

Thomas Schultz

Print ISSN: 2040-3585 | Online ISSN: 2040-3593

Cover for 14643758

Journal of International Economic Law

Joost. Pauwelyn, Chris Brummer

Print ISSN: 1369-3034 | Online ISSN: 1464-3758

Cover for 9780379213584

Law and Practice of the World Trade Organization

Joseph Dennin


Cover for 20506333

London Review of International Law

Matt Craven

Print ISSN: 2050-6325 | Online ISSN: 2050-6333

Cover for 9780379010381

North American Free Trade Agreements

James Holbein, Nick Ranieri


Cover for 20509065

Uniform Law Review

José Angelo Estrella Faria, P. Markowich

Print ISSN: 1124-3694 | Online ISSN: 2050-9065

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