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Music Hire Library contact details and how to order



Music Hire Library contact details for customers outside the UK & Ireland

Music Hire Library contact details for customers in the UK & Ireland



The OUP Music Hire Library requires all orders to be confirmed in writing, allowing at least 30 days advance notice before you require delivery. This will ensure that material is available for your hire period and concert.

There are various methods of placing an order.


Our preferred method of receiving an order is through Zinfonia – the Music Publisher Portal. It is free to join and once you are registered, it gives many benefits.
The Zinfonia website lists almost all of the major music publishers around the world. It allows you to search for music, request a quote, request a perusal score, and also place an order from the correct publisher, with an easy step by step order form. It will then allow you to track the progress of your order, receiving notification of when it is booked and dispatched.

For information on Zinfonia, visit the what is Zinfonia webpage. Or, you can simply place an order.

If your request is urgent, please telephone the hire library and we can advise you about the availability of stock.

If you do not want to use Zinfonia to order your music, we have other ways to order available.




What information do I need to give when placing an order?

There is certain essential information that we need before we can process your order. To save time and to speed up the ordering process please ensure that your order contains the following:

  • Exactly what you require – Composer, title and the version you need
  • The individual string numbers you require - (VNI / VNII / VLA / VC / DB) – (if applicable)
  • Your performance details – date(s), venue(s), who is performing, and who is conducting
  • If you plan to record (audio or visual) – private/public sale, format(s), numbers, territories
  • Delivery date (if urgent - first rehearsal date)
    Invoice address
  • Dispatch address and phone number (if different from above)
  • Any quote or transaction number that we have given you

Please also include any correspondence as this will help us in booking your order correctly.

Other information that you should be aware of

  • All hire orders for hire materials from OUP must be placed at least 30 days before you require delivery of the material - if less notice is given we cannot guarantee to have the material available
  • Material may be collected by prior arrangement from our Oxford address.
  • We use the CityLink courier service to deliver the majority of our orders. They require a signature on delivery, so please ensure that there will be someone available to sign for the parcel.
  • Payment of a hire fee does not grant permission to perform copyright music. We are happy to advise on the copyright and performing right status and requirements for any title in our Hire catalogue.
  • The Music Publishers Association produce a set of hire guidelines for amateur groups.


What does hiring music cost?

Our prices for hiring music can be supplied on request. Telephone, fax, or email us and we will be able to provide you with a quote for hiring the material that you need. We will supply a hire quote for one month, and one performance unless we are specifically asked otherwise. Please be aware that we will also need to charge a postage fee if we are sending the material to you.

After the material has been dispatched to you we will then issue an invoice for payment. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY PAYMENT WITH YOUR ORDER.


Please note: You MUST NOT enclose payment within the return parcel.
Any cheques found within the returned music, will be sent back to the original delivery address.
Please send any cheques under separate cover, quoting the invoice number.


If you are ordering from outside the UK & Ireland, please check to see if there is a hire agent acting on our behalf in your territory.

For those who are ordering from within the UK & Ireland, you can order by:

Enquiries can also be sent by email, by fax to +44(0)1865 355989, by writing to us, or simply by phoning us.

If your request is urgent, please telephone the hire library and we can advise you about the availability of stock.





The Oxford University Press Music Hire Library
Great Clarendon Street
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 (0)1865 353699, 355437, or 353323
Fax: +44 (0)1865 355989

Music Hire Manager: Guy Thomas
Music Hire Librarian: Hannah Boron
Music Hire Assistant: George Jackson




If you are contacting us from outside the UK and Ireland, please check to see if there is a hire agent acting on our behalf in your territory.

Otherwise, please do contact the UK library using the contact details above and we will be pleased to help you further.