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Choral CDs for 2016

Stream or download complete performances of new carols, anthems, and partsongs.

Choral Highlights 2016

Choral Highlights 16

Stream from SoundCloud, or Download two zipped file of mp3s:
Christmas and secular pieces and Sacred pieces

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Sacred choral highlights 2016
Gaude et laetare — Cecilia McDowall
The Tale of Andrew — Michael Berkeley
Magnificat from Three Choirs Service — Bob Chilcott
Requiem aeternam (from Sanctum) — Sarah Quartel
Lux aeterna  (from Sanctum) — Sarah Quartel
John the Baptist — Michael Finnissy
Christ is the morning star — Cecilia McDowall
O God, you speak your beauty every hour — Howard Helvey
The Quest — John Rutter
Beloved, let us love — Alan Bullard
Tantum ergo — Gabriel Jackson
The gift of each day (from The Gift of Life) — John Rutter
Gloria — Simon Johnson
Psalm 150 — John Rutter

Christmas and secular choral highlights 2016
Noe, noe — David Bednall
Lullay, my liking — Matthew Owens
The Flight — Richard Causton
The Three Kings — Bob Chilcott
A sound of singing fills the air — Malcolm Archer
What child is this? — Brian Chapple
BC: AD - This was the moment — David Bednall
This endris night — Z. Randall Stroope
As Joseph was a-walking — Alan Smith
La Berceuse — Barbara Bell, arr. John Rutter
Deck the hall — Mack Wilberg
The man that hath no music (from Three Shakespeare Songs) — Gabriel Jackson
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? — David Bednall
As She Goes — Stephen Hatfield
Voice on the Wind — Sarah Quartel
River Bridge (from Ophelia, Caliban, and Miranda)— Bob Chilcott
Ariel taught me how to play (from Ophelia, Caliban, and Miranda)— Bob Chilcott
All good things come to an end (from Ophelia, Caliban, and Miranda)— Bob Chilcott

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