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New Choral Music for 2019

Listen to our new choral music on Spotify, featuring complete performances of the latest secular, sacred and Christmas music from Oxford.

Download two zipped files of mp3s:
Christmas and secular and Sacred and gospel pieces

To download the zipped files of tracks to your smartphone or tablet, you will need an app to unzip the file. Search for 'unzip' in your app store and install one of the many free apps.

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The star has come - SATB unaccompanied - Roderick Williams
Star of the East - SATB & piano/organ/orchestra - Gordon Thornett
A Simple Gloria (also in 'An American Christmas') - SATB unaccompanied - Libby Larsen
Hush! my dear (also in Carols for Choirs 5) - SATB unaccompanied - Gabriel Jackson
Adam lay ybounden - SATB unaccompanied - Ben Parry
Pilgrim Jesus (also in Carols for Choirs 5) - SATB (with divisions) - Bob Chilcott
The Jolly Shepherd - SATB (with divisions) & piano/organ/orchestra - John Rutter
Make we joy now in this fest - SATB unaccompanied - Ian Assersohn
This endris night - SSAA unaccompanied/opt. handbells - Sarah Quartel
The Wise Men and the Star - SATB unaccompanied - Oliver Tarney
As I sat on a sunny bank - SATB & organ - Malcolm Archer

We are - SATTBB & SA or SATB unaccompanied - Bob Chilcott
Song to the Moon - Unison voices, with opt. descant, & piano - Alan Bullard
When music sounds - SATB & piano - John Rutter
In time of silver rain - SA & piano - Sarah Quartel
The Scholar - SATB unaccompanied - David Bednall
Over hill, over dale (also in 'Hark, Hark, the Lark') - SA and piano - Andrea Ramsey
My Companion - SATB (with divisions) unaccompanied - Elaine Hagenberg
The Parting Glass - TTBB unaccompanied - Sarah Quartel
This is the key - Unison voices, with opt. 2nd part, & piano - Alan Bullard
Because it was you - SATB & piano - Bob Chilcott
How do I love thee? - SATB (with divisions) unaccompanied - Gabriel Jackson
Lightly come or lightly go - SATB double choir unaccompanied - Philip Lawson
I carry your heart - SSATBB unaccompanied - Toby Young

O come, let us sing unto the Lord - SATB & organ - Ethan McGrath
Pure Living Light - SATB & organ - David Bednall
A Prayer of St. Columba - SA & Men & organ/piano - Cecilia McDowall
O Virgo virginum - Solo tenor & SSATB unaccompanied - Gabriel Jackson
A Prayer to St. John the Baptist - SATB & organ - Cecilia McDowall
When spring comes walking - SSAATTBB unaccompanied - Bob Chilcott
The Lord is my shepherd - SATB unaccompanied - Howard Skempton
Pie Jesu - sop solo, SATB & organ - Lili Boulanger (from Sacred Choruses)
Ave verum corpus - SATB unaccompanied - Ben Parry
Victimae paschali laudes - SATTBB unaccompanied - Philip Lawson
I obey thee, O Lord (Lacrimosa) - SATB (with divisions) & piano/organ - Cecilia McDowall
From Everlasting to Everlasting - SATB (with divisions) & piano - Benjamin Harlan
The Night - SATB unaccompanied - Toby Young
Tree of Life - SATB & piano/orchestra - Mack Wilberg

The Morning Trumpet - SATB unaccompanied - Mack Wilberg
In the bleak mid-winter - SATB & piano, percussion - Pete Churchill