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New Choral Music for 2017

Stream or download complete performances of new carols, anthems, and partsongs.

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Stream from SoundCloud, or Download two zipped file of mp3s:
Sacred and secular and Christmas pieces

To download the zipped files of tracks to your smartphone or tablet, you will need an app to unzip the file. Search for 'unzip' in your app store and install one of the many free apps.

Sacred and secular choral highlights 2017
O come, let us sing — David Bednall 
Listen, sweet dove — Alan Smith 
A Hymn for St Cecilia — Malcolm Archer 
Easter Light — Cecilia McDowall 
All shall be Amen — Gabriel Jackson 
We bless for thee our creation — Bob Chilcott 
Ave Maria — Howard Skempton 
Gloria (from Missa Mariae) — Cecilia McDowall (SSA)
Bless to me this day — Cecilia McDowall (SSA)
Lauda Anima — John Goss, arr. Benjamin Harlan 
Light dawns on a weary world — Mack Wilberg
Now is the Time — Cecilia McDowall 
Sweet day, so cool — Howard Helvey 
The Music of Stillness — Elaine Hagenberg 
The Music's Always There With You — John Rutter
At Night — Connor J. Koppin 
A Tree of Song — Bob Chilcott (SSA)
Sing, my Child — Sarah Quartel 

Christmas choral highlights 2017 (plus 2 bonus tracks)
Alleluya, a new work is come on hand — David Bednall 
The Bird of Dawning — Bob Chilcott 
Shepherds, guarding your flocks — Alan Bullard 
A star as bright as day — Alan Bullard 
Christmas Eve — Gabriel Jackson 
A virgin most pure — Malcolm Archer 
Little babe, born of Mary  — James Kevin Gray 
I Am Changed — Will Todd
This Endernight — Michael Berkeley 
Tryste Noel — Alan Smith 
Cradle Song (Legănelul Lui Lisus) — arr. Katie Melua and Bob Chilcott 
The Little Swallow (Shchedryk) — arr. Katie Melua and Bob Chilcott 
Huron Carol — arr. Sarah Quartel 
The midnight of your birth from the anthology, The Midnight of your Birth — Bob Chilcott (SSA)
A raven flew to Bethlehem (Kindness) from the anthology, The Midnight of your Birth — Bob Chilcott (SSA)

Bonus tracks (not available from Soundcloud)
The holy city (Finale of Visions) — John Rutter
Skylark — Hoagy Carmichael, arr. John Rutter 

For full track listings and further information, download the CD packaging artwork .

You can stream complete performances of hundreds of carols, anthems, and partsongs published in previous years from Soundcloud.