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Download the Best of Bob CD

Download complete performances of 23 of Bob Chilcott's works spanning his 20 years with OUP

To listen to 'Best of Bob' on a smartphone or tablet, you will need an app to unzip the file. Search for 'unzip' in your app store and install one of the many free apps.

OUP is delighted to celebrate our hugely successful collaboration and wishes Bob Chilcott a very happy 60th birthday in 2015.

Our wonderful new collection includes 23 complete performances of Bob Chilcott’s choral pieces, spanning his 20 years with OUP.

Best of Bob

‘I have tried to write music that might be good to sing. This disc represents music recorded over the years by an ever-growing list of fine young singers from this country, most of which have been expertly recorded and engineered by John Rutter.’
Bob Chilcott

Irish Blessing
The Shepherd’s Carol
The Lily and the Rose
Where Riches is Everlastingly
Gloria from A Little Jazz Mass
Londonderry Air
So Fair and Bright (upper voices)
The House of the Rising Sun from Jazz Folk Songs for Choirs
Dixit Dominus from Salisbury Vespers
The Rose in the Middle of Winter
Swimming over London
Thou knowest, Lord
Rejoice and be merry from On Christmas Night
Away in a manger from Carols for Choirs 5
Mura Matsuri from Furusato
Jesus, Springing
The shepherds sing
The Echoing Green from Jazz Songs of Innocence (upper voices)
Kyrie from Nidaros Jazz Mass (upper voices)
Marriage to My Lady Poverty
The King shall rejoice
Thank you from Wenceslas

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