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Oxford University Press Choral Workshop Scheme

Are you planning a Come & Sing Day, or a Choral Workshop? We can help by providing access to a large range of Oxford choral repertoire at very low cost, on a sale or return basis.

How the Choral Workshop Scheme works

We offer the loan of music from our large library to anyone who wants to hold a day or weekend of choral singing, for a small fee*. This also allows for a free performance at the end of the event to family and friends (with no admission charge to the audience).

During your event you are allowed to sell the workshop copies to your singers at a discounted rate and any unsold copies can be returned to us afterwards.

Choose your repertoire

Our library is stocked with a wide selection of choral anthologies and choral leaflets for you to choose from.

Request stock for your event

To request stock or for more information, please email or phone 01536 452630.

If you wish to hold a workshop or Come & Sing Day using repertoire which is not in the library, we can sometimes make arrangements to add certain titles. To discuss this please contact

Please note, the Choral Workshop Service is offered in the UK and parts of Europe only. Different provision is made for workshops outside of these territories. For more details please contact

*Fee covers the cost of shipping the music to and from the event. Dependent on the weight of the order, charges available on request.