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Bernard Bolzano: Theory of Science


Rolf George and Paul Rusnock

01 April 2014

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Divine Agency and Divine Action, Volume III

Systematic Theology

William J. Abraham

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Electronic Enlightenment

Online Resource

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IB Theory of Knowledge Online Course Book

Oxford IB Diploma Program


Eileen Dombrowski, Lena Rotenberg, and Mimi Bick

Study Card
22 December 2014
IB Diploma Program

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Oxford Bibliographies

Expert Recommendations. Instant Access.

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Oxford Handbooks Online: Philosophy

Scholarly Research Reviews

Sandy Goldberg

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Oxford Scholarly Editions Online - Medieval Poetry

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Oxford Scholarship Online

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Oxford Scholarship Online - Philosophy

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Reflecting on the Inevitable

Mortality at the Crossroads of Psychology, Philosophy, and Health

Peter J. Adams

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Sketches of an Elephant

A Topos Theory Compendium


Peter T. Johnstone

17 July 2003
Oxford Logic Guides

Cover for 9780199299164

The Oxford Guide to the Historical Reception of Augustine


Karla Pollmann

15 October 2013

Cover for 9780199602629

Thomas Hobbes: Leviathan


Noel Malcolm

13 July 2012
Clarendon Edition of the Works of Thomas Hobbes

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University Press Scholarship Online - Philosophy

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VSI Arts and Humanities - Philosophy (online)

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