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Cover for 9780190646912

Aaron Copland's Appalachian Spring

Annegret Fauser

Online Resource
The Oxford Keynotes Series

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Discoveries from the Fortepiano

A Manual for Beginning and Seasoned Performers

Donna Louise Gunn

Online Resource

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Early Music

Helen Deeming, Alan Howard, and Stephen Rose

Print ISSN: 0306-1078 | Online ISSN: 1741-7260

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Music Theory Spectrum

David Bernstein

Print ISSN: 0195-6167 | Online ISSN: 1533-8339

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Oxford History of Western Music

Richard Taruskin

Online Resource

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Playing with Something That Runs

Technology, Improvisation, and Composition in DJ and Laptop Performance

Mark J. Butler

Online Resource

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The Opera Quarterly

Ryan Minor

Print ISSN: 0736-0053 | Online ISSN: 1476-2870

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The Oxford Handbook of Topic Theory

Danuta Mirka

Online Resource
Oxford Handbooks

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The Singer's Guide to German Diction

Valentin Lanzrein and Richard Cross

Online Resource

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With Passionate Voice

Re-Creative Singing in 16th-Century England and Italy

Robert Toft

Online Resource

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