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Technology in the 21st Century Music Practice Room

Jennifer Mishra and Barbara Fast

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Essential Music Technology: The Prestissimo Series

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Kodály Today

A Cognitive Approach to Elementary Music Education

Second Edition

Micheal Houlahan and Philip Tacka

Online Resource
Kodaly Today Handbook Series

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Line by Line

Progressive Staff Method Arrangements for Elementary Music Literacy

Stephanie L. Standerfer

Online Resource

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Notes for Clarinetists

A Guide to the Repertoire

Albert R. Rice

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Notes for Performers

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Percussion Pedagogy

Michael Udow

Online Resource

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Ready, Set, Improvise!

The Nuts and Bolts of Music Improvisation

Suzanne Burton and Alden Snell

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Statistics in Music Education Research

Joshua A. Russell

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Teaching Music to Students with Special Needs

A Label-Free Approach

Second Edition

Alice M. Hammel and Ryan M. Hourigan

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Teaching Piano Pedagogy

A Guidebook for Training Effective Teachers

Courtney Crappell

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Technology Tips for Ensemble Teachers

Peter J. Perry

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Essential Music Technology: The Prestissimo Series

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The Children's Music Studio

A Reggio-inspired Approach

Wendell Hanna

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The Mindful Musician

Mental Skills for Peak Performance

Vanessa Cornett

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The Moving Body in the Aural Skills Classroom

A Eurythmics Based Approach

Diane J. Urista

Online Resource

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The Piano Proficiency Exam Review Book

Lucy Mauro and Scott Beard

Online Resource

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The Unorthodox Guitar

A Guide to Alternative Performance Practice

Mike Frengel

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This Too is Music

Second Edition

Rena Upitis

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With Passionate Voice

Re-Creative Singing in 16th-Century England and Italy

Robert Toft

Online Resource

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