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Discoveries from the Fortepiano

A Manual for Beginning and Seasoned Performers

Donna Louise Gunn

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Notes for Clarinetists

A Guide to the Repertoire

Albert R. Rice

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Notes for Performers

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Playing with Something That Runs

Technology, Improvisation, and Composition in DJ and Laptop Performance

Mark J. Butler

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Public Ethnomusicology, Education, Archives, & Commerce

An Oxford Handbook of Applied Ethnomusicology, Volume 3


Svanibor Pettan and Jeff Titon

20 March 2019
Oxford Handbooks

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Teaching Piano Pedagogy

A Guidebook for Training Effective Teachers

Courtney Crappell

Online Resource

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The Mindful Musician

Mental Skills for Peak Performance

Vanessa Cornett

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The Moving Body in the Aural Skills Classroom

A Eurythmics Based Approach

Diane J. Urista

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The Piano Proficiency Exam Review Book

Lucy Mauro and Scott Beard

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The Singer's Guide to German Diction

Valentin Lanzrein and Richard Cross

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The Unorthodox Guitar

A Guide to Alternative Performance Practice

Mike Frengel

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