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Cover for 9780190699390

Audio Production Principles

Practical Studio Applications

Stephane Elmosnino

Online Resource

Cover for 9780195099379

Basic Techniques of Conducting


Kenneth H. Phillips

Spiral Bound
13 February 1997

Cover for 9780190497439

Cello, Bow and You: Putting it All Together

Evangeline Benedetti

Online Resource

Cover for 9780199326204

Contemporary Class Piano

Eighth Edition


Elyse Mach

Spiral Bound
15 July 2015

Cover for 9780199396658

Discoveries from the Fortepiano

A Manual for Beginning and Seasoned Performers

Donna Louise Gunn

Online Resource

Cover for 9780195446173

Ear Training and Sight Singing: A Developmental Aural Skills Text


Glen Ethier

Spiral Bound
14 March 2013

Cover for 9780190874032

Great Songwriting Techniques

Jack Perricone

Online Resource

Cover for 9780199389148

Modern Etudes and Studies for the Total Percussionist

Second Edition


Chris Colaneri

Spiral Bound
22 October 2015

Cover for 9780190205225

Notes for Clarinetists

A Guide to the Repertoire

Albert R. Rice

Online Resource
Notes for Performers

Cover for 9780199380916

Playing with Something That Runs

Technology, Improvisation, and Composition in DJ and Laptop Performance

Mark J. Butler

Online Resource

Cover for 9780199395163

Progressive Sight Singing

Third Edition


Carol Krueger

Spiral Bound
28 September 2016

Cover for 9780190614485

Schoenberg's Models for Beginners in Composition

Gordon Root

Online Resource
Schoenberg in Words

Cover for 9780199857227

Strategies for Teaching Strings

Building a Successful String and Orchestra Program

Third Edition


Donald L. Hamann and Robert Gillespie

Spiral Bound
10 October 2012

Cover for 9780190619770

The Moving Body in the Aural Skills Classroom

A Eurythmics Based Approach

Diane J. Urista

Online Resource

Cover for 9780190238438

The Singer's Guide to German Diction

Valentin Lanzrein and Richard Cross

Online Resource

Cover for 9780199381883

The Unorthodox Guitar

A Guide to Alternative Performance Practice

Mike Frengel

Online Resource

Cover for 9780199759415

Yoga for Singing

A Developmental Tool for Technique and Performance


Judith E. Carman

Spiral Bound
13 April 2012

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