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Learn more about the men and women who changed history.

  • Regimental bandleader James Reese Europe brought live ragtime, blues, and jazz to Europe
  • Noel Godfrey Chavasse, an army medical officer, was the only man to be awarded a Victoria Cross and bar in WWI, and one of only three men ever to have achieved such a distinction
  • Addie Waites Hunton worked with two hundred thousand racially segregated African American troops and later concentrated her postwar career on fighting racism and improving the lives of African Americans and women as an activist, teacher, and author
  • After seeing combat in 1918, Rayford Whittingham Logan fought racism in the U.S. military and went on to become a historian, professor, and civil rights activist until his death in 1982
  • Vera Mary Brittain, chair of the Peace Pldge Union (PPU), dedicated her political and literary talents to advance pacifism and feminism
  • After assisting with the escape of allied soldiers, nurse and war heroine Edith Louisa Cavell was executed by German troops in occupied Belgium