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World War I Centennial

World War I: Commemorating the Centennial

Take a look back on the Great War, the momentous event that forever changed the course of world history. From its very beginnings to post-war reflections, we're excited to bring you contributions from our expert authors:


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Archduke Franz Ferdinand photographed shortly before assassination in Sarajevo, 28 June 1914

Introduction & Overview

The balance of power begins to shift.

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Europe 1914

A World War

A clash of nations.

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Military Strategies & Battles

Military Strategies & Battles

How battles were lost and won.

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Meet the men and women who lived the war.

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Parade of returned fighters of the famous 369th [African American] Infantry at the Flatiron Building . . .

War & Society

The culture and politics of warfare.

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American & British machine gunners

On the Front Lines

The human experience at war.

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Every girl pulling for victory

On the Home Front

The long reach of war.

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Legacies & Reflections

A world forever changed.

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Our Story During WWI

God Save the King sign erected at OUP Oxford"Probably no European Press did more to propagate historical and ethical truth
about the war."

- The Times Literary Supplement, reviewing the last edition of the Oxford University Roll of Service



OUP was itself caught up in the events of World War I. Many of its staff walked out of the gates for the front line, never to return. The Press started printing Oxford Pamphlets on World Affairs to educate the public, and undertook secret work for Government Intelligence departments.

Connect with us and check back regularly throughout the World War I centennial commemorations for the latest blog posts, interviews, videos, and more! If you're joining us from outside North and South America, please visit our UK site.

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"Europe 1914" Public domain via Department of History, United States Military Academy (, Wikimedia Commons

"Parade of returned fighters of the famous 369th [African American] Infantry at the Flatiron Building . . ." Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

"Every girl pulling for victory, WWI poster, 1918." Public domain via Edward Penfield, Wikimedia Commons