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OUP proudly partners with PubEasy to make the ordering processes as simple and fast as possible for our customers. PubEasy is a web-based service that enables booksellers to check price and availability, as well as place and track orders. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Up-to-the-minute information on title, price, and stock availability
  • Order placement and confirmation even when customer service departments are closed
  • Order status inquiry capabilities for all orders, including back orders
  • High-volume inquiries and ordering with /TRANSACT, including POS system compatibility
  • Searchable e-Catalogs of title information
  • Single password login to a network of participating publisher, distributor, and wholesaler affiliate web sites
  • Fast-loading, clean, easy-to-use screens across all sites
  • Simple registration process
  • Inclusion of titles in a central search tool for price and availability


Frequently asked questions:

I'm a bookseller—how do I register for PubEasy?

Go to and click on the 'Register' link. Your application is reviewed by the PubEasy Support team and your login will be emailed back to you. This normally takes a couple of days. Your registration then gets sent to all affiliates to be matched up with your existing account number.

How do I access PubEasy?

Go to and login using your PIN (PubEasy Identification Number) and password

How much does it cost?

PubEasy is provided by publishers to offer it free of charge for booksellers.

Will my normal discount apply to orders placed using PubEasy?

Yes, when you place orders, your existing terms are automatically applied. This is because your account at OUP is linked to your PubEasy PIN.

What if I've registered but I don't know or can't remember my login?

Go to and click the 'Forgotten Your PIN/Password?' link underneath the login box. If you still have problems please Contact PubEasy Customer Support , and they will check & confirm back by email.

What if I have an account with an affiliate, but cannot place orders on PubEasy?

You may need to have your account correctly linked to your PubEasy PIN. Contact customer service, and quote your account number and PubEasy PIN, and ask them to link them together. If you are still having problems, Contact PubEasy Customer Support . Please send an email to a Customer Service Analyst when this happens.

I'm not sure how PubEasy works—can someone give me a demo?

There is help available and an online demo at under the 'Booksellers' menu.