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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Policy

Oxford University Press currently supports electronic data interchange (EDI) of information using the BISAC X12 standards (a subset of the ANSI X12 standards), versions 3060 and higher. We exchange EDI transactions via two value-added networks (VAN):


In order to begin ordering via EDI from Oxford University Press, you must have a registered Standard Address Number (SAN.) Once registered, you must choose a VAN, and set up an account and mailbox.    

VANs and supported documents:

QRS (Advantis) partners have X12 documents 850 (purchase orders), 810 (invoices) 856/857 (advance ship notices), and 997 (functional acknowledgements) available to them.  Our QRS (Advantis) mailbox is "R603  R603B" with a "ZZ" qualifier.  We pick up 850s once a day Monday to Friday at about 12:30am . For more information about QRS (Advantis), contact Inovis at (877)446-6847 or     

Pubnet is a publishing-specific VAN, supported and administered by 

    R. R. Bowker/Pubnet
                   630 Central Avenue
                   New Providence, NJ 07974

Our Pubnet mailbox is 2025892, with a "ZZ" qualifier.  Supported documents on Pubnet are 850 (purchase orders), 855 (purchase order acknowledgements), 810 (invoices), 856/857 (advance ship notices), and 997 (functional acknowledgements). We pick up 850s once a day Monday to Friday at 12:15am.  

We pick up orders from both VANs every hour and they are fed into SAP 5 times a day: 12am, 8am, 11am, 2pm and 6pm.

We also offer FTP/direct connect service to select customers, please contact Customer Service for more information. 

We are in the process of expanding our document set to include 832 (price and sales catalogueue). We will be updating this policy to include all supported protocols and documents as they become available.    

Backorder Cancellation Date Override in DTM segment
Oxford University Press picks up a Backorder Cancellation Override Date from an X12 850 Purchase Order delivered via EDI from either Pubnet or QRS(Advantis).

According to the BISAC ANSI X12 version 3.6 documentation, the DTM segment will have a code "175" in DTM01 and a Date in DTM02 in YYMMDD format.

We can pick this date up from the Order Header (DTM in Table/Position 1/150) or from an individual Line Item (DTM in Table/Position 2/210).
This date will override any default setting for a backorder cancellation date for both Out-of-Stock and Not-Yet-Published titles that a customer may have previously set up. Please note that this is for use as a "Cancel if not shipped by" date only (Code "175").

If this date is in the Order Header DTM segment, it will be populated down through all of the line items. If this date does not appear in the order header, but only in an individual Line Item, it will override the default for only that item. If a date appears in both the header and at line item level, the date at the Line Item will replace the date from the Header level.

If, as a customer, you do not want backorders—please do not send a DTM/175 segment. This will only confuse the issue, and you will wind up with backorders. If you must send a DTM segment with the 175 qualifier, send the current day's date to avoid an accidental backorder.

Industry Code "IH" in Pubnet 855 (Purchase Order Acknowledgment)

Oxford University Press sends an Industry Code of "IH"in the Line item ACK segment in ACK29 (sample below) via Pubnet EDI.

This code means that the item can be filled, but is under Credit Review. Once the order is released for shipping, the Pubnet customer will NOT receive a follow-up 855.

If—at the time the order is placed—the item cannot be filled (such as a Discontinued or Out-of-Print title), a Cancelled code (KM, KP, or CF) would be sent, and not this Item Held code.

Please note that, for our customers who do not take backorders, a Cancelled code (KP) will appear for Out-of-Stock items.
This procedure should make it easier to tell whether or not a title will be shipped once the order is released.

PO Line Item Reference Number

Oxford University Press—USA cannot, at this time, support a customer's Reference number at the PO Line item level. 

Title Status Codes

 AC  Item accepted and shipped, shipping
 AO  Available: Shipping from other location (Make-on-Demand titles)
 BA  Backordered: Not yet available (NP titles)
 BR  Backordered: To be reprinted
 CB  Cancelled: Not our publication
 CF  Cancelled: Current edition not available
 CO  Cancelled: Out of Stock (Import titles - Out-of-Stock)
 IH  Item Held for Credit Review
 KM  Cancelled: Market restricted
 KP  Cancelled: Out of print, Out of Stock Indefinitely
 CX  Cancelled: Never published (Not Shipped)
 IA  Item Accepted (Shipping)
 AO  Available: Shipping From Other Location
 BX  Backordered: Not yet published (Not Shipped)
 CV  Cancelled: Complete set volume must be purchased
 CF  Cancelled: Current edition not available
 CO  Cancelled: Out of Stock
 KP  Cancelled: Out of print
 CF  Cancelled: Current edition not available
 CD  Cancelled (delay in Publication (not shipped)
 CH  Cancelled (delay in Publication (not shipped)
 BR  Backordered: To be reprinted
 AO  Available: Shipping From Other Location
 BD  Delay in publication (Not Shipped)
 CD  Cancelled (delay in Publication (not shipped)