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Sales Channels

Because of the range of its publishing, OUP is uniquely well placed to take advantage of a wide variety of sales channels, with a number of specialist sales teams dedicated to ensuring your book reaches the right market.


Our marketing departments work closely with the sales teams, providing them with in-depth information on new titles, and the very best tools with which to sell them. The marketing managers present new titles to the sales teams face-to-face at regular sales conferences.


The book trade and libraries

OUP has large sales teams worldwide dedicated to selling our books into the book trade, and to libraries via wholesalers and library suppliers. From head office level to individual campus bookshops, our sales representatives inform trade customers about your book up to seven months ahead of publication. We also communicate with these organizations regularly through mailings of new books catalogues, and we work closely with the major retail chains to undertake regular promotions.


Bibliographic data and new title information

We employ the services of the major bibliographic agencies worldwide, such as Nielsen Bookdata, to provide detailed records about your book to the book trade. We supply accurate data to the bibliographic agencies as far ahead as 6-8 months before publication.

Online retailers

Online retailers are an increasingly important sales channel. OUP has an excellent relationship with these retailers and has account managers in the USA and Europe who work with them on a daily basis to ensure that our books receive good representation. We send them bibliographic information, sample material, and copies of our books on a regular basis, and have worked hard to ensure that supply of our books via online retailers is as quick and efficient as possible. All these measures are aimed at ensuring we maximize sales of your book through this growing channel.


Libraries and library suppliers

A significant proportion of our sales in all territories comes from libraries and library suppliers. Here, information flow and early planning are vital and dedicated account managers are focused on ensuring these customers receive excellent service. Our marketing teams also work closely with library suppliers and often run joint marketing campaigns with them.


Corporate medical sales

This sales team work with the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries and medical communications agencies to provide a range of resources for promotional purposes. The services we offer include bulk purchases, chapter reprints and part splits, and repurposing of content, all of which may be branded, within strict guidelines, with the customer’s logo and contact details.


Law direct sales

The law direct sales team work in two ways in this specialist market. Account Managers build relationships with the top law firms in the UK and Europe in order to profile our products to this key constituency. The Inside Sales group work on a campaign basis to select global leads for new products and contact them from the office to discuss OUP’s offering.