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Sales Channels

Because of the range of its publishing, OUP is uniquely well placed to utilize a wide variety of sales channels, with a number of specialist sales teams dedicated to ensuring your book reaches the right market.

Our marketing department works closely with the sales teams to maximize opportunities in all major sectors, including sales to libraries and institutions, retailers and wholesalers, as well as specialist sales in medicine and law.

Libraries and Institutions

A significant proportion of our sales are from libraries around the world. Our Library Sales department is a global team responsible for selling book (through a network of library print suppliers), reference, journal and digital content to institutions and libraries worldwide. Our team covers all types of libraries: academic, research, school, public, corporate, government, non-profits, law firms, medical institutions, library consortia and more. Dedicated library account managers focus on providing excellent service and meeting the needs of library customers.

Marketing teams provide sales enablement in every region around the world, supporting sales teams with effective tools, presentations, local language materials, and analytics.


Our retail team is responsible for selling academic print and ebook products to the trade book market worldwide. We liaise with leading book retailers and wholesalers, as well as smaller re-sellers to ensure that academic books are present and available to the widest market possible.

We employ the services of the major bibliographic agencies worldwide, such as Nielsen Bookdata, to provide detailed records about your book to the book trade. We supply accurate data to the bibliographic agencies as far ahead as 6-8 months before publication.

In the retail sector, marketers work closely sales teams to identify key titles and series, develop promotional campaigns and provide sales support materials.

Online Bookstores

Online bookstores are an increasingly important sales channel. Our account managers in the USA and Europe work closely with online bookstores to ensure that data about books is accurate, and that books themselves are highly visible.

We send bibliographic information, sample material, and copies of books on a regular basis. In addition, we work hard in partnership with online bookstores to ensure that supply and distribution are quick and efficient.

We also work with online bookstores on promotions to raise the profile of our books.

If you have any questions about how your book appears on the website of an online bookseller, or if you notice any incorrect information, please get in touch with your marketer.

Corporate/Commercial Sales

The corporate sales team work with a range of healthcare companies and medical institutions to provide bespoke educational resources, journal advertising and reprints. We offer bulk purchases of complete titles, chapter reprints, article reprints, online content and translation rights for pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Law Direct Sales

The Law Direct Sales team work in two ways in this specialist market. Account Managers build relationships with top law firms in the UK and Europe in order to profile our products to this key constituency. The Inside Sales group work on a campaign basis to select global leads for new products and contact them from the office to discuss OUP's offering.

Customer Service

In addition to the local support provided to our customers from our sales teams, we have dedicated Customer Service teams based in the UK and US, providing a daily support window of 15 hours (Monday to Friday). Using the latest technology to route emails and telephone calls to dedicated work-streams, our customer service team respond to all emails within 24 hours and answer over 80% of calls within 60 seconds, providing support for a range of queries from stock checking, pricing, shipping, invoicing and access control, etc.