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Explanation of Royalty Statement

Your royalty statement will be issued periodically based upon your contract with OUP. It covers all your earnings from print books, ebooks, and rights licensing (including audiobooks and translations) for all your OUP titles.

Please familiarize yourself with our Guide to Your OUP Royalty Statement, and reference it upon receiving your individual royalty statement. It will answer many questions you may have. Of course, if you have additional questions, you are always welcome to email our Royalty Department.

Your Account Number

An internal reference number unique to your account is shown on your statement. Please include this account number whenever you contact us. This will enable you to trace payment details more quickly, and it will help ensure your privacy.

Your Royalty Statement Has Three Parts:

1. The Remittance Advice

This shows the amount OUP is paying you for transactions during the relevant accounting period. It shows the total value of all royalties from the Statement Summary (see below), deductions for any books supplied to you, withholding tax (if applicable), and details of any returned payments from earlier periods (for example, if the bank account OUP paid into was closed, or if your check was returned as undeliverable).

2. The Statement Summary

This is a summary listing the overall amount OUP is paying you for each of the contracts we have with you that had activity in the last accounting period. A contract may include more than one physical product (for example, one contract might include a book that is available in both paperback and hardback). Each contract has a unique reference number that you will see referred to on your statement. If you ever need to contact us with questions, please use this reference number (as well as your account number) to identify the specific item(s) you have questions about.

Please note: on each set of royalty statements, we include a contract on the statement only if its products had sales or returns in the current accounting period, or if there were negative amounts carried forward from previous royalty periods (money still owing to OUP). If you have a contract with a negative balance owing, you will see zeros on the Statement Summary. You can find details of the exact amount still owing (if applicable) on the Statement Detail pages.

3. The Statement Detail page(s)

Here we report detailed transactions during the accounting period for each product covered by your contract(s) with us. In most cases, related products are grouped together (for example, the same book available in different formats, and books with multiple editions). For each published ISBN, we list sales by market/channel. All sales cited are net of (include) any returns we received over the period covered by the royalty statement. For each contract, we also list any revenue received in the royalty period for licensing activities. The most common licensing activities include translations, audiobooks, and English-language reprint deals.

A sample of the Statement Detail pages and explanation key are in the following PDF document: Guide to Your OUP Royalty Statement (pdf)