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Translators FAQ

Thank you for your interest in translating an Oxford University Press title!

I've found a book I'd like to translate - What do I do now?

It is OUP's policy to sign translation agreements with publishers rather than with individual translators, so you'll first need to find a publisher willing to take on your translation.

Can I begin translating before a publisher is found?

We strongly recommend that you do not start any translation work before you've found a publisher with whom to work. This minimises any work being completed in vain. Additionally, we cannot make any guarantees that the rights will still be available by the time the publisher is on board.

I've found a publisher that wants to publish my translation - what next?

Great news! Please have the publisher contact the Translations Team with details of their proposed print run and local selling price. You can find details of who to contact for your specific territory here. For Simplified Chinese translations, please direct the publisher to our Beijing-based agent, Jessica Wu of Andrew Nurnberg Associates ( in the first instance.

Who will my translation contract be with?

All discussions regarding your rights and responsiblities as a translator should be made directly with the local publisher with whom you will agree a contract as a translator. Oxford University Press is not involved in this process.

The local publisher has made contact with OUP - what now?

OUP will enter into negotiations with the local publisher for the translation rights to the work. We will likely agree an advance/fee based on a percentage of the publisher's selling price and print run. If and when terms are agreed with the publisher, OUP will issue a contract for signature before translation work can begin.

Am I allowed to make changes or alter the original text in my translation?

Any changes to the original text must be approved in writing by OUP and the author before you can include them in your translation. If you wish to make any alterations, please discuss this with the licensing publisher prior to contracting so that OUP can be informed.

My query relates to my thesis and is not for commercial purposes. What do I do?

We are happy to receive requests relating to translating OUP content for academic purposes, which are not for distribution or publication in any way, either in print or digitally/online. Please contact us so that we can check the rights and provide a letter of permission. If you plan at a later date to have your translation published then you will have re-clear permission with OUP, following the advice above.

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