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Pre-Deal Author FAQ

Translation Rights at Oxford University Press

Translation is an integral part of OUP's licensing business, in which the Academic Rights and Licensing team has significant and ever-growing expertise. Each year we license in excess of 1,000 translations across our Academic and Trade lists, working closely with thousands of licensing partners across the globe, enabling OUP titles to be read in over 50 languages.

This FAQ is designed to answer common questions that you may have about translating an OUP title.

There is a particular language I want my book translated into - what can I do?

Please contact the appropriate team member with details of which language you are interested in and the reasons you believe a translation into that langauge would be viable. Please include any information regarding contacts you may have in the terrirory, specifically those in the publishing industry or academic arena who may be able to vouch for the merits of translation. OUP has thousands of contacts around the world but, in many cases, local publishers like to hear directly from authors and their contacts and will not finance a costly translation without proven interest from professors in the local market.

There is a translator who wants to translate my work - what do I do?

OUP signs translation agreements exclusively with local publishers rather than with individual translators, so we will first need to find a publisher interested in taking on the translation. OUP can work closely with the translator to approach prospective publishers, but we advise that no work is completed on the translation before a contract is signed in case the work is done in vain. Further guidance for translators can be found here.

I've found a publisher that wants to publish my translation - what next?

Great news! Please have the publisher contact the translations team with details of their proposed print run and local selling price. You can find details of who to contact for your specific territory here.

It's been a while since I have heard from a potential publisher...

A publisher's review process can take several months as they solicit feedback from expert readers and evaluate the viability of a project. OUP regularly checks in with our partners regarding titles in which they have expressed interest, but we are aware that publishers can take some time finalising their decision.

Any other queries

Please contact and a team member will get back to you.