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Post-Deal Author FAQ

Congratulations on the translation license of your Oxford University Press title!

Each year we license in excess of 1,000 translations across our Academic and Trade lists, working closely with thousands of licensing partners across the globe, enabling OUP titles to be read in over 50 languages.

This FAQ is designed to answer any questions that you may have about the upcoming translation of your work.

Who will translate the work?

Translations are not produced in-house; the right to translate and publish are licensed to foreign publishing partners. The translator of the work is hired by the foreign publishing house, not Oxford University Press. We do stipulate, however, that the translator must be of excellent competency and possess an expert knowledge of the field.

What share will I receive?

Authors receive a portion of the net income from all translation income: "net income" referes to the income remaining after any taxes or payments to agencies (where applicable) have been made. The advance payment or one-off fee is received and shared with you as detailed above. If an advance payment has been agreed, any further payments will be made if and when the original advance earns out, and will be shared in the same way. If it is a one-off fee, once the fee has been paid and shared with the author, no further payments are due from the foreign publisher for this deal.

When will you receive this share?

Our authors receive their share at the royalty accounting date following OUP's receipt of payment from the license.

  • Payments recieved by OUP between 1st April and 30th September will show in the following December author statements.
  • Payments received by OUP between 1st October and 31st March will show in the following July author statements.

Will I receive copies of the translation?

It is a standard clause in our agreements that OUP is supplied with complimentary copies of translated editions. Once copies are received in Oxford, these are sent on to our authors. We typically receive complimentary copies within 24-36 months of the deal having been agreed.

Will there be amendments to the original text?

On occasion, we are asked if the translated edition can be abridged in some way (for example, the exclusion of a chapter less relevant to the market in question). We will always seek the author's permission before agreeing to such an omission.

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