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Instructions for Authors

Welcome to the Instructions for Authors writing for the Global Academic Business Division of Oxford University Press.

Within this Division you will be writing for one of our specialist publishing areas. While our Instructions for Authors are largely generic, there are subtle differences that account for subject and discipline conventions, and you will be advised by your OUP Editor if there are any specific deviations from these guidelines that you must adopt.

If you are not yet contracted to write for OUP, please make contact with an appropriate acquisitions editor. The acquisitions editor will be able to tell you whether your work will be suitable for publication by OUP before you start trying to adapt your work to our requirements.

Before you begin writing please ensure that you familiarize yourself with all of the main sections of these Instructions. In addition, you may find some of the Appendices relevant to your work, and your OUP Editor will direct you towards these if appropriate.

Author Guidelines

Instructions for Specialist Publishing